Tuesday, 29 April 2014

And so it begins

This is the first really tangible evidence that this thing is happening, and I felt quite shaken after the booking was done - I had to go and lurk in a caff for a bit to get over it. The travel agency lady was very nice and chatty; if you happen to be in Oxford Flight Centre, I can recommend talking to Caroline.

The KitKat is a random bonus gift thrown in for anyone making a booking that day. I didn't do that on purpose - I've boycotted Nestle for the last twenty-five-odd years and see no reason to change tack so far. But hey, free chocolate!

And this is where that bit of paper points to. Fukuoka (福岡市), Kyuushuu, Japan. More specifically...

Genki Japanese and Culture School. Slightly cheesy name, admittedly, but they seem professional, are heavily accredited and approved by my existing Japanese teacher after a fair bit of scrutiny. As there are a lot of English schools of uncertain quality around - and I've been a summer school teacher in one organisation that I wasn't impressed with - I wanted to do my best to steer clear of those. Here's hoping! And it's right over a bookshop, so that has to count for something.

I don't yet know where I'll be staying. So many things still to do...


  1. when you mentioned Fukuoka to me, I did not realise it was the FUKUOKA. yes, it is a big city, not some remote&isolated village:)
    stay in a cheap love hotel if you really can not find a place to stay when arriving, if you are brave enough...

    1. It would probably be fun watching people's faces when I told them where I was living :)

      But no, the school should be arranging an apartment for me, I just don't have the details yet. A lot like a hall of residence, I imagine. When I find out I'll do some snooping around there too.