Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuition Fees

After many and varied tribulations with the bank, I have finally been able to pay my tuition, which should firmly seal the confirmation of my place at GenkiJACS. It might have been confirmed as far as they were concerned, but I haven't been easy - I won't really be until they get back to me and reassure me. Perhaps over-sensitive of me, but this is a pretty major step and derailing this at this juncture would wreck things spectacularly, since I've already given notice on both job and house.

I'm pretty sure that was the most money I have ever had to pay anyone, and it was pretty nerve-wracking to be honest. I had to get Mum to double-check the figures with me (over the phone!) as I filled in the payment form's various categories. Feeling rather harrowed over here, and badly in need of this here herbal tea I just made.

Still, one more step, 慢慢来 (getting there slowly).

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