Saturday, 15 October 2016

GenkiJACS wins a Star Award!

I'm a bit late with this news, but in September GenkiJACS finally won a Star Award after several 8 years of nominations.

The Star Awards are a massive peer-voted award in the language-travel industry, so basically other language schools and experiences chose GenkiJACS as the 2016 winners.

Given that Japanese is a pretty minor player in the languages field, and GenkiJACS is a fairly small organisation in terms of language schools, it looks like it's a major achievement, so congratulations to everyone there (if anyone at GenkiJACs is reading this!).

For anyone planning a trip, the school have announced that they're offering a discount on tuition this December. More excitingly, you can win a year of free tuition! There may be some more competitions coming up as well. Keep an eye out!

More information on the school's blog here.

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