Monday, 12 May 2014

Waiting game

Still in the unsettling stage of waiting for things to fall into place. I paid my tuition fee to the transfer agency* on Tuesday night last week, but still haven't heard back from the school. The agency say up to 4 working days to process payments, and of course the school may be busy with applications right now. Still, it's day 4 now... I suppose if they put it through today I may hear by tomorrow. It's a bit nerve-wracking seeing that much money disappear from your account and not having heard that it's arrived, though!

*The agency have offices in many countries and handle tuition fee payments for international students. You pay one branch in your local currency, they pay the school in their local currency and take a small cut. It saves on two lots of bank charges, so it should work out better overall, but it's still a bit faffy and introduces this one-step-removed problem. If I'd paid the school directly, once the money had gone I'd presumably know they had it.

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  1. Good luck, Shim. I personally would have preferred to pay the money directly to the school. but this agency seems to be legitimate.