Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Insurance issues

I'm a bit surprised by how many posts I'm coming up with before I even leave. The latest stumbling-block to turn up is what should be a simple step: insurance.

Reasonably enough, Japan doesn't want people turning up without health insurance, and I'm not daft enough to venture overseas for months without both health and possessions insured. Unfortunately, actually getting any is proving a problem. Several companies are unwilling to sell policies lasting more than three months, which puts them right out. Endsleigh sell what appeared to be the perfect thing, a scheme for people going to study abroad - except that it's only available to people studying at degree level, not to full-time students at a language school. I've finally managed to order a couple of quotes and am waiting to receive them.

The other problem is that tricksy "pre-existing conditions" bit. Having had therapy last year, I now have to tick this box everywhere, and even after giving detailed and personal information that highlights how I never even took a day off work, let alone any medication, it still triples the price of insurance. Not helpful.

Fingers crossed, I suppose. If I find out anything useful I'll post it for future reference by anyone in a similar situation.

On the more cheerful side, I've begun very slow packing. I have a lot of books, and usefully these can be packed up and put back more or less where they were, with minimal effect on space. Hopefully this kind of ambient packing will leave the final stages much less stressful, as well as helping me gauge just how much packing stuff I'll need. Another dozen or so printer paper boxes, for a start!

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