Monday, 2 June 2014

Cooking with gas

After continued frustration with insurance companies (short version: don't bother with Direct Line) I had a Monday off in lieu of weekend working. Keeping the old nose to the grindstone, it's actually been a very productive day. After a marathon 2-hour Japanese lesson (with a distressing amount of vocab forgotten) I nipped into STA Travel, where I was able to speak to a human being in person, and get insurance sorted in a matter of ten minutes - most of that reading out loud of obligatory financial regulation stuff. They weren't bothered about some counselling sessions a few months ago provided I wasn't on medication or regular doctors' visits. So yay.

I've also managed to pick up visitors' permits so that Mum & Dad can park the van they're bringing down to collect my stuff, and called in to check about getting some yen. In fact they had them in stock, and it sort of seemed easier just to deal with it rather than have to try and find another time to make the trip, so I did so. Walking back home was a bit alarming, I don't normally carry that sort of cash around with me, though it's not that much in the grand scheme of things. Enough to get me through the first week or so without stressing about cash machines.

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