Wednesday, 16 March 2016

More Time Travelling

My attempt to adjust to Japan Time continues, this time by getting up at 4.30am. Unfortunately I stayed up until nearly midnight, which means very little sleep, but apparently (according to SleepCycle, anyway) I woke from shallow sleep. Whatever happened, I've been pretty much completely functional all day, just rather tired.

However, I have found myself being quite negative and really quite anxious. I'm sure some of this comes just from the effort of preparing for a one-month holiday abroad and all the stuff that needs doing. On the other hand, there's good evidence that lack of sleep genuinely triggers anxiety, and that "naturally anxious" people (which would tend to include me and my stress/depression issues) are worse affected. So I'm really, really hoping that an early night tonight will beat off the worst of that.

One problem with this strategy is that it plays havoc with mealtimes. The working day is really not set up for people to want two meals during working hours, but unfortunately that's kind of what I need. Today I took half an hour for lunch at 10.30 and another half at 4pm for tea. The big problem here is really that you don't get a midday break, which means the day is extremely long and tiring. Tomorrow I'm aiming to have lunch just before work starts, and then have my tea as a late lunchbreak.

I basically have no idea whether this is a sensible plan. It's somewhat inconvenient, it makes mealtimes complicated, all my colleagues think I'm loony, and I don't know whether it'll make any difference to the jetlag. We can but try. I suppose I'll know for next time...

On the plus side, I've now done almost all my packing - just need to tuck that computer and phone away before I go.

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