Thursday, 17 March 2016

Time travelling III

So my efforts to pre-adjust towards Japan time crashed and burned last night. Although I'd been up since 4.30am and had eaten several hours early, and was really quite tired by the evening, it didn't quite work out somehow.

One issue is that I almost feel like I was too tired; the combination of lack of sleep and waking early maybe meant that my rhythms were way off. Another is that, I suspect mostly because of lack of sleep, I was unusually anxious all day and struggling with mood. This, coupled with the feeling that it was important to get to sleep (partly because of adjusting time, partly simply because I really wanted to shake off the damned anxiety) meant I was quite stressed as I tried to get to sleep.

It also doesn't help that I live on a main road, in an area apparently full of boy racers, in a set of flats with iron steps that resonate gongishly whenever anyone walks up and down outside, with interior and exterior walls apparently made of tissue paper. At the best of times I can hear my neighbours snoring when I go to bed. When most people aren't even thinking of going to sleep, well... that's a lot of background noise. And I'm not good with background noise, even with my white noise on in the background.

So what happened was, I lay in bed for two hours, drifting repeatedly towards sleep and then bouncing back again. Eventually I got up, read for half an hour, had some water and went back to bed. I eventually got to sleep around midnight and slept until 6am. Not an absolutely and total loss, but it wiped out my gains for the week. Getting up one hour early I can do any time!

I'm sticking to early mealtimes, and trying to stay in low light from the earliest point in the evening. Unfortunately that's about 6pm rather than about 2pm, which would be better. And I'll try to gently drift towards bedtime.

We'll see if things go any better tonight. So far this plan isn't looking so great.

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