Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Time Travelling

So I'm due to fly out to Fukuoka on Saturday. Annoyingly this will involve stopping in both the Netherlands and Korea, which adds about eight hours to the whole journey, since I'm supposed to spend at least five in Schiphol. I've heard it's one of the better airports to wait around in, which presumably means it is merely a soulless corporate void of pointless duty-free chocolates and watches aimed at the sort of people who should probably be in prison, where people with enormous amounts of money can occupy themselves buying things they don't need to stave off boredom, rather than actively hostile to your existence.

Also I heard they offer half an hour of free wi-fi, which in a situation like this is equivalent to offering half an hour of free seating. Apparently they have upgraded to offer unlimited free low-fi internet, which should be fine.

Annoyingly my stopover is just less than the length everyone agrees is the minimum needed to go into town and explore, so I get to spend the maximum possible time stuck in an airport.

Anyway! In preparation, I've started adjusting my body clock to Japan time, which means losing nine hours. In principle, this is much harder than the alternative - staying up late and sleeping in every day is way easier. In practice, I have a job and am obliged to start work at 9am, so actually getting up increasingly early is easier in the sense that it's actually physically possible.

Today wasn't so bad; I was up at 5am and am now enjoying the soft light of just after dawn. It'll get increasingly difficult over the week as I wait until the equivalent of noon for the sun to rise.

I'm also looking forward to confusing my colleagues as I start having lunch mid-morning and then switch to instead having a break for tea in mid-afternoon (only one meal break, after all).

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