Monday, 14 November 2016

A quick announcement on posting habits

Public service announcement: if you're reading this blog, but just keeping an eye on the latest blogposts, you're probably missing some.

For quite a long time I've been going back and filling in various posts which either I never quite finished (in some cases, as far back as my original trip to Japan in 2014) or didn't have time to write at all. For the sake of my blog making sense, I tend to date these on the actual date of the event, rather than letting them float up months or years afterwards and throwing the timeline out of whack. But that means they won't show up as the latest thing on the blog.

If that's the case, first off I recommend you get an RSS feed reader.* I use Brief, an add-on for Firefox, or Feedly with my Android phone. If you are not already using RSS feeds, but you read blogs or listen to podcasts or basically anything that publishes (ir)regular content, I really recommend investigating. They've significantly improved my life.

* This is a small program that tracks when websites you choose have new content available - new blogposts, episodes, articles and so on. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS Feed that's being read is just the list of recent content produced by the website, which most blogs and so on create automatically, just like this one does.

There's a button on the top right of this page (under "Subscribe") which shows the Posts and Comments RSS feeds for this site. You can click those to get the feed itself, and then depending on your browser and so on the technique for using it will vary. In my case I see a button called Subscribe, and I save it in a bookmark folder that I've associated with my Brief add-on. You can also manually add this feed to your reader with the following URL:

Secondly, you might want to head back and check out the March and April posts from this year, at least, as I've been catching up on my trip there and still have some posts to go.

There will be more actual posts forthcoming soon, as I'm travelling right now. Stay tuned for exciting updates on which Starbucks I visited and whether any of the staff gave me cute things.


  1. So as well as new posts with old dates, you're expanding old posts? Which ones? Thanks!

    1. Ah, not quite. All of these are new posts coming out with old dates. It's just that some were things I never actually wrote, and some were things I partly wrote but didn't finish or publish at the time.

      The post about the textbooks was one of the latter, for example. I scribbled down my impressions at the time, but only recently fleshed it out enough to make a post.